Monday, October 02, 2006

My google experience

My experience with Google started in 1998 during my Master's thesis. I had to search articles in internet. There I came across a number of search engines but by far Google was the best. Very close to it will be Clusty. It provided clustered search results which was quite handy for me. In general Google was much more comprehensive.

Google didn't launch Google Scholar those days. I came across Google Scholar when I was working as a research associate in the Food and Agricultural Organization at United Nations (2002-03). It's a very handy tool for budding researchers like me. You can track the articles and then download them from ScienceDirect or Springerlink. A very good application for the research community indeed!

My first Gmail account was courtesy one guy who works in Microsoft, in 2004. Those days Gmail invitations were scarcity and he gave me the account. Thanks Navneet!

I was a hotmail user before gmail came. I then shifted my accounts to gmail. Hotmail's 2 mb space wasn't enough for me. I had an IIM-A account though - but gmail was superb!

Gtalk increased my association with google. I shifted from yahoo messenger to gtalk primarily because IIM-A for some reason banned the socks proxy. Now the insti server operated on http proxy in which yahoo was very slow. Gtalk performed great in http. Finally when a girlfriend came to my life - gtalk added to our romance. She is not very fond of typing and the option left is talking in gtalk. We spend our romantic evenings in gtalk - Ahmedabad to Kolkata distance reduced plus a great savior to my pockets. Thank you Gtalk!

Now, Adsense has improved my financial condition too. I am earning quite a lot in adsense. Again thanks google.

This blog is dedicated to google and other research software which I encountered in my journey as a researcher. Keep watching it!

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