Saturday, July 24, 2010

We love controversies: Now on Sachin's blood

We Indians have a ridiculous penchant for controversies - it keeps us glued to media for sure and helps us to forget our personal problems and worries. Thanks to politicians and actors we are never short of controversies. Now for a change it is Sachin's turn to grace the center page. Supposedly Kraken chief executive Karl Fowler was quoted by the British broadsheet as saying 10 copies of magnum opus on Sachin's career would be printed using Tendulkar's blood. And so began the controversy.

Personally I feel the controversy is totally uncalled for. Agreed, Tendulkar is a legend not only to us Indians, but to the entire sports loving population of the planet. Further, he is a national hero. Still printing a book with his blood seems to be of a bad taste to attract cheap publicity. I believe the Little Master himself is good enough to garner substantial number of readers for the book. Even I am eagerly waiting for the book to arrive so that I can buy it.

If you refer to the article below, for sure I won't be able to buy the "bloody" copy but I am waiting for the normal copy to arrive. With blood or without blood, anything on Tendulkar would be juicy to read.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kudos to Roshan, Mukesh and many others for sheer determination & grit

In today's fast paced life, we fail to take note (many-a-times) of many exemplary instances of sheer individual brilliances which are not commonplace.

The stories (real) of Roshan Gudia & Mukesh Mahuwa, as appeared today in newspaper are couple of such examples.

Roshan, working as a sweeper in a primary health center of Simdega district did not lose his hope, neither his determination. He cleared the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) examination in his fourth attempt. From now on he will work as a DSP.

Mukesh Mahuwa's story too is in similar lines - son of a rickshaw puller and he used to play drums in marriages. He qualified for the post of Deputy Collector.

Unfortunately the national newspapers did not divulge more information on the same. I understand they would be busy in covering other issues. To me, what they did, appears to be more sensational than who is the mother of Ronaldo's son or what Paris Hilton did after being released from jail. Hopefully some responsible newspaper will cover these two pieces of information. I feel interested to know about these two individuals - what really motivated them to achieve a seemingly impossible task, given their present economic and social backgrounds.

Anyway, KUDOS to both Roshan and Mukesh - as well as many others who cleared the hurdle despite their impoverished background and current state. They serve as sources of motivation for common people like me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

2.5 Crore Mercedes in India: Reaction

Last week, on Friday, Mercedes launched SLS AMG in India, priced at a modest Rs. 2.5 crores. As per news reports, SLS AMG is powered by a 6.2 litre engine and it can go up to a maximum speed of 317 km per hour.

Somehow I became concerned with the news, as quite a few questions popped in my mind.

1. Most important, isn't 317 kmph too slow for our "grand" Indian roads? Would I be able to reach office on time riding on SLS AMG?

2. What is the mileage? We Indians can tolerate slow speed but not bad mileage. Unless the mileage is 20 km per litre, I am not going to buy it.

3. Can I put a CNG kit in the boot of the car? Diesel is also too costly these days, thanks to GoI.

4. Would it accommodate my 10 member family? If not, what the heck of buying a "grand" car!

5. Would it carry my 100 kg stuff when I move from one location to other? I better buy a truck - why an SLS AMG?

6. Would the car fly? I can buy a helicopter in the same price.

If all my concerns are not satisfied, why should I wait for 6-8 months to get this car? Company's response will be appreciated :).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lamhaa - Go watch it!

I haven't seen Parzania, because I did not want to see it. I did not know who Rahul Dholakia is and was not very interested in knowing his brand of cinema as well. Anyway, in film industry we have got plenty of talented directors these days. Who cares about another new director Rahul Dholakia?

Frankly I did an advanced booking of Lamhaa not because of some Rahul Dholakia directing it, but to see my favorite Sanjay Dutt. Watching the promos of Lamhaa gave me an impression that after a long long time a movie is here where Sanju baba got an opportunity to showcase his acting prowess. However, my views have changed after watching Lamhaa. Rahul Dholakia is definitely a talent to watch out and I don't think I'll miss his next movie!

I guess I don't need to reiterate that the heart and soul of the movie is Kashmir. Lamhaa makes a strong statement out of Kashmir and never tries to give its viewers a fairy tale where everything ends well in favor of the protagonist. Sanjay Dutt is Vikram, an undercover military intelligence person, who goes to Kashmir as a reporter Gul Jahangir. Elections are in hand there and military anticipates potential threat from Pakistan and LeT in course. Sanjay, expectedly, foils the sinister plot and manages to hold the Indian flag high. This is expected of a typical Hindi movie. However, what I did not expect is a realistic view of the plights of Kashmiris. I am stunned for sure. Rahul manages to depict with supreme proficiency the plight of a common Kashmiri and their exploitation by local politicians, militants, police, Indian military and of course, Pakistan.

Normally in any movie on terrorism (including Hollywood) you see an one-sided biased view (in general). Rahul manages with ease to show us the other side as well. Why are so many Kashmiri youths turning to terrorism and against India? Just in the name of religion? I don't take it sincerely. Definitely somethings must have gone seriously wrong there as well. Lamhaa shows us the dark side of Indian polity in addition to our "friendly" neighbor's contribution to Indian peace. Pakistan is definitely to be blamed for all Islamic terrorism in Kashmir (as well as India) for sure. But the truth is Pakistan only exploited the weakness of Indian policy makers and corrupt police-politician nexus. Unless there is a weakness inside, outsiders can never take advantage. Lamhaa is a story based on the same philosophy.

Notable performances come from Sanjay, Anupam Kher and Bipasha. Kunal is ok as Aatif but I felt that he was a let down in the movie. Otherwise all the actors did justice to their roles, whether it is Anupam Kher, as Haji, a sinister and blood thirsty religious leader who sold his soul and Kashmir to Pakistan, to Shernaz Patel, as Parveena whose husband was illegally picked up by Kashmiri police and could never be traced. Special mention needs to made of Bipasha in a truly non-glamorous fire-brand Aziza. She might be misfit for a Kashmiri girl but she did not let down in the role. But the best bit came from the child artist at the very end. The innocent boy was turned to a human bomb to kill thousands in the name of religion and freedom. The last scene really touched my heart.

Lamhaa in nutshell has a very good story and excellent performances to boast of. It is definitely the movie of the year till now. Mithun's music is good and complements the spirit of the movie. Go watch it in the theaters.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally rupee gets its symbol

Finally after many months of deliberation and anticipation, the winner is decided and it is D Udaya Kumar, IIT Bombay PG. To me his unicode symbol looks really appealing and I am looking forward to using it for any future references to INR. Hope the symbol will be in new generation key boards or MS office suit pretty soon!


Young genius marches on!

Congratulations Tathagat! Possibly you are younger than many of the students you'll be teaching at IIT Bombay. Sure it takes a genius to complete PhD in 21 and get into IIT as an Assistant Professor. I have been following your progress for quite some time. Hope your potential will be realized in research as well and India will benefit with some patents from you.

Wishing you all the best!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some good news for family men like us: Indian Oil & BP announces

Indian Oil website states:

"Indian Oil is pleased to announce the launch of PREFERRED TIME DELIVERY for convenience of the consumers *

The facility is now available for all distributors of Indianoil Corporation Limited (Indane), Bharat Petroleum Corporation (Bharat Gas) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HP Gas ) customers in Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and , Sonepat,. The facility will be launched in Kolkata, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad Chennai, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Mira Bhayander etc during the month. The scheme may be extended to all towns having population of about 10 lakhs within 6 months. Remaining towns within a year. "

For the double income group, where both MIa-Biwi are not available throughout the day, except for the weekends, it is definitely an applaudable step not to spoil the weekend - waiting for a stupid gas cylinder to arrive!

Log on to the company website, get yourself registered and by paying a premium of Rs. 40-50 you can avail this benefit.

Hopefully, it will work. -----------------------------------------

Checking if I can post blog from email

Pure interest only :). If successful I can use my office email to update some posts :D.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Koti-Lingeshwara temple: World's tallest Shiva Linga with 86 lacs Lingas!

Amazingly scenic and beautiful with 86 lacs (yes, you read it right!) and the World's tallest (57 ft. I guess) Shiva Linga - Koti Lingeshwara is located around 100 km. of Bangalore, in Kolar district. I came to know of it from Wikipedia and thought of visiting it today with my better half and mother-in-law.

The trip was a bearable one - overcoming all language barriers and "straighto", "Lefto" and "Righto"s. Finally after 3 hours and 110 km. we could reach Kotilingeshwara, just off SH 95. And it is worth the effort indeed. Temple timings are 6 AM-12-30 and then 3PM to 8 PM, open all days. Entry fees is nominal (Rs. 5) but if you are interested in taking snaps you have to shell out Rs. 100 extra. But, don't worry - it will be totally paisa wasool!

Attached some snaps of the magnificent temple.

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

From July-10

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Rajneeti: A Big goof up in the movie!!!

"In one of the scenes Arjun Rampal's expression is different. Otherwise it is same in all the scenes."

Really hilarious ... this one from one of rediff's notice boards. I find reading and going through the messages in rediff quite amusing. Anyway, really a big goof up from a really well made movie indeed.