Saturday, July 24, 2010

We love controversies: Now on Sachin's blood

We Indians have a ridiculous penchant for controversies - it keeps us glued to media for sure and helps us to forget our personal problems and worries. Thanks to politicians and actors we are never short of controversies. Now for a change it is Sachin's turn to grace the center page. Supposedly Kraken chief executive Karl Fowler was quoted by the British broadsheet as saying 10 copies of magnum opus on Sachin's career would be printed using Tendulkar's blood. And so began the controversy.

Personally I feel the controversy is totally uncalled for. Agreed, Tendulkar is a legend not only to us Indians, but to the entire sports loving population of the planet. Further, he is a national hero. Still printing a book with his blood seems to be of a bad taste to attract cheap publicity. I believe the Little Master himself is good enough to garner substantial number of readers for the book. Even I am eagerly waiting for the book to arrive so that I can buy it.

If you refer to the article below, for sure I won't be able to buy the "bloody" copy but I am waiting for the normal copy to arrive. With blood or without blood, anything on Tendulkar would be juicy to read.

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