Sunday, March 07, 2010

Women's Day - some thoughts

Why to have a separate Woman's Day? After more than 3 years of living in the same roof with a member of the opposite sex, I believe 24x7x52 is woman's hour - actually it is the men who get very few chance to talk, to do what they like and to just have fun just like the bachelor days! Indeed, men desperately need a MAN'S DAY / MEN'S DAY (whatever you call, it's the same thing at the end) - one day where the wives would listen to them and agree to whatever they say, one day they can do whatever (mindless!) they like to do without worrying about what explanation they have to give at the end of the day to their respective better halves! But some dreams are never fulfilled. I have seen plenty of liberated women - how many have seen a liberated MAN?