Monday, January 17, 2011

News headline 2020: Proactive UPA Govt finally achieves control of pollution and population

To UPA: Keep increasing the petrol prices till they touch Rs. 200/lt. By that time, at least 50-60% of the private car owners will stop using their cars unless absolutely required. I see cycle and other non-polluting vehicle sales increasing in near future. Don't worry about Maruti, Hundai ... Hero and Atlas will fund your elections next time.

Another important aspect Congress govt. is achieving through increase in petrol and diesel prices is to shoot the inflation up. Food prices will increase so much that half of the population (BPL) will starve to death. So, no need to use contraceptives, etc. Automatically population will be under control.

And of course, in between, the people in the Govt. will do some more scams - remember, they do need some incentives to keep doing the good work. Otherwise, what will motivate them? Anyway, corruption is so common these days, it is uncommon and surprising not to be corrupt. People will start doubting if the Minister is not corrupt that why did they elect him at all if he can't increase his family's wealth and wealth of the nearest kins.

Thanks to the people who voted for Congress and electing them to the Center. Hope they again vote to elect them for next couple of times so that the mission is accomplished to control pollution and population. And forget scams! Without scams how the scores of news channels will survive - it is their bread and butter.