Sunday, October 29, 2006

Microsoft now going the google way!

I just now finished testing the new launched by MSN. It's still in beta stage and amazingly similar to Google. Now the hotmail account I had is also 2 GB, looks different (in a good way!) and quite fast! Moreover, I saw the pagea and similar to Google personalized page - you get a search engine, news, weather and your own live space blog.

Quite an improvement definitely! The new look hotmail account looks like this -

It has similar mail search option like gmail and you can change the appearance and colour. 2 GB is definitely a noteworthy improvement over the initial 2 MB hotmail and then 250 MB hotmail accounts! The account is quite fast and takes less time to load.

Still time has not come to compare Google services with those of Microsoft. Let this be popular - then we can talk and compare! Till then enjoy the new hotmail.

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