Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interesting news: Dabbawala's take their know-how to Italy

Hi everyone,
Hope you had a wonderful Diwali. Interesting news - a recognition to the ever-efficient tiffin box system of Mumbai - they are getting a chance to showcase themselves in front of the International community.


Mumbai: Ragunath Medge, who heads the Mumbai Nutan Tiffin Box Association, is a busy man.

He is preparing for his trip to Italy where he'll be attending the
four-day-long Terra Madre International food conference on organic food.

His agenda is as simple as always. “Now we're into education as well. It's very
satisfying. That’s why we have packed such concepts as logistics, supply chain
management, time accuracy, coding systems and other six sigma practices, which
actually come to us quite naturally, into our presentation,” explains

His colleague, Secretary of Nutan Tiffin Box Association, Gangaram is just as
excited as is his family but he remains as unassuming even with his newly
acquired status as an International educator.

“Our dress code remains the same. The same dhoti, kurta, pyjama, just as we
should dress in our country,” says Talekar.

It is this understated efficiency that has taken these dabbawalas from stength
to strength, from six sigma-driven processes to their present place in the
International arena, enabling them to hobnob with corporate bigwigs and royalty

Little wonder then that even Prince Charles's brother, Prince Andrew, has
expressed his desire to meet with the dabbawalas next month.

“He'll (Prince Andrew) be coming to the British Consulate on November 1st. Like
his brother, he too wants to meet us,” says Medge.

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