Monday, October 02, 2006

Adsense Experience

I remember the date when I created an Adsense account - 27th August 2006. I was writing a blog on CAT. I saw a link on blogspot - at the Template column. I just wanted to explore and created an account. I placed it's codes on the other blog I run - CATIIMATALES. I left it as it is for a week or so. One day I checked my account - Bingo! I had earned USD 50 in 4 days! I concentrated more on creating a good website and a better content to attract more people. And it clicked! I was earning over USD 300 a month! That too depicting the tales of IIM-Ahmedabad!

The whole thing changed my life in a way! My whole leisure time was devouted to Google Adsense - in creative writing! It's a great tool for guys with a passion for writing like me! I was thinking to take up a job while PhD but Google gave me an option. Write what you like and let the world read it and think! The whole experience was very satisfying to me!

Then came Google Pages. Fantastic product for website designing! It is so handy to create a website and WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get - meaning what you see in your window is the thing you get when you publish your site. I could unleash my creativity to the fullest extent, designing and creating a pool of websites.

Quite a gratifying experience indeed for me. I am now exploring Google Base. Tomorrow's column will be on Google Base.

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