Thursday, July 14, 2011

How wrong can I be?

Today morning only I wrote on how mundane news everyday we are getting. And by the end of the day things changed so radically! Blasts shook Mumbai - scores of innocent lives lost. For what?
First thing my mind tells me - of this kind cowardice, what objective(s) could be achieved by killing innocent people!
I really salute USA and Obama govt. for hunting down their nemesis no. 1 from the heartland of terrorism. I wish India could ever show such guts! Would it? I guess never. Till the day we have a strong government like USA, we will continue to suffer such fates, time and again. And our corrupt and incapable governments will keep on changing ministries, weed out a few notorious individuals to bring in people who will again become notorious with time ... and the legacy will continue.

Can we ever get a strong government?

Question is: Do we DESERVE a strong government? We are Indians, typically laid back with a "chalta hai" type attitude - possibly we deserve this kind of imbecile government only.

What do you say?

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