Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blackberry dilemma

Last wk on 17th was my wife's birthday. After much search for a suitable gift, I ended up buying a blackberry for her. It's a blackberry curve! As expected, she was very happy.
But when the initial euphoria settled, mixed emotions gripped us. She is a housewife with no remote connection to corporate life or with no intention to be a business woman in future. Blackberry plan is useless for her given her current homemaker profile. Ordinary gprs don't allow blackberry to explore it's full potential. Youtube video quality on blackberry is as abysmal as it can be.
"Blackberry is no fun" her logical conclusion. Even the messengers our emails won't work. I kind of repented that I spent a fortune on that apparently coveted and the most admired smartphone. Any quality android phone would have been much better choice. But, anyway what I did can't be undone. Now how to make it work? What immediately followed is plenty of downloads of some useful and some useless third party applications- opera, gmail client, nimbuzz, facebook chat, etc. Next I bookmarked her favorite websites like orkut, facebook, etc.
Blackberry can't be compared with any good android smartphone like samsung, htc - they are far ahead in the race, but I somehow liked the trackpad. It feels like working on a laptop. Both opera and bb browsers are quite decent on gprs. What was kind of an embarrassing moment for me could be avoided as gprs started working fine on blackberry and my wife was happy again.
One last piece of advice. Unless you are a grumpy corporate honcho, never go for a blackberry. It is really no fun!

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